10 Jobs to Likely Change Because of ChatGPT

Customer Services Agent

AI technology has been used in customer services for some time now, thanks to its ability to create authentically human-sounding questions and answers to solve user queries. Looking to the future, however, there are many areas in customer services where ChatGPT will be able to assist teams as they support users. Here are some of the main areas where we are likely to see significant development: 

Accurate, fast, and detailed answering of customer queries

Creating summaries of customer data for customer service agents, including customer feedback, behavior, and preferences 

Suggest automated customer responses to questions 

Evaluate and summarize a company’s internal performance, including metrics such as response times and customer satisfaction ratings 

Creating documentation or instructions needed by customers to complete tasks

Providing translation when customer agents need to communicate with customers in different countries. 

It’s important to bear in mind that although ChatGPT is likely to move into these areas, currently it isn’t trained by the public on new data and preferences, therefore relevant information about products is still out of its reach. This is likely to change, however, as the technology continues to be improved.

Are Jobs at Risk to Be Replaced by ChatGPT?

While it can be tempting to assume jobs will be subsumed thanks to this remarkable technology, as we look to the future, it’s likely that the role of ChatGPT will be as a tool to provide support and assistance to professionals, rather than a replacement for their skills and expertise. By removing more menial aspects of work, companies can focus instead on bigger picture thinking and using the skill sets and knowledge of their employees to full capacity. 

As Forbes writer Bernard Marr wrote in January of this year: “As ChatGPT makes job titles redundant, it will create new ones.”  

Rather than fearing these changes, the key for those wishing to stay relevant in their roles will be to learn how best to use this tool to optimize and improve their current working practices. The more we learn about ChatGPT and how it works now, the better prepared we will be to work with it and benefit from it in our professional lives going forward. 


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