10 Jobs to Likely Change Because of ChatGPT

Computer Programmer

Working as a developer (or computer programmer) requires a vast skill set involving analytical skills, an in-depth knowledge of different programming languages, the ability to apply different methodologies, mathematical skills, and complex problem solving skills, among many other soft skills such as excellent communication, curiosity, and perseverance. 

Although ChatGPT cannot replace a skilled programmer (yet!), it can generate accurate code at speed if the user instructing it is able to provide it with a code template and some instructions. When this is the case, the AI can then generate new code that meets the user’s specifications. For those learning to code, this technology provides an opportunity to learn new techniques, while for more established developers ChatGPT can be used as a valuable optimization and enhancement tool. 

  • Tasks which it is already being used for in programming include:
  • Framework generation
  • Debugging existing code
  • Creating outline builds of apps or websites
  • Providing guidance on how data should be organized and labeled
  • How to improve the website or app’s UI and UX 

When we look to the future of programming, it’s likely that ChatGPT will evolve to take on even more of the programming tasks currently undertaken by humans. What will be needed from developers therefore is knowledge relating to the creation of the prompts needed to get the desired outcomes. Additionally, ChatGPT will be used to automate routine and time-consuming tasks, allowing developers more time to concentrate on strategy work and innovation.  

Human Resources

Similarly to other jobs we’ve listed here, ChatGPT is unlikely to be taking the “human” out of human resources, but it will certainly be able to assist in reducing the more mundane or routine aspects of the job. 

Key tasks in the HR department such as producing job advertisements for open vacancies can be taken over by the technology, although content production will – for the time being at least – still need an editor’s eye to ensure ad copy is as engaging and on-brand as possible. 

Performance reviews might also become automated, with ChatGPT already equipped to collate and analyze each employee’s data and summarize it without bias. However, again, this will need to be overseen by a human manager who knows the context and circumstances of a staff member’s contractual obligations and personal life. 


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