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Introducing the ChatGPT app for iOS

The ChatGPT app syncs your conversations, supports voice input, and brings our latest model improvements to your fingertips.{alertSuccess}

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Since the initial release of ChatGPT, we've received overwhelming feedback from users who enjoy the convenience of accessing ChatGPT anytime, anywhere. In response to this demand, we are excited to announce the launch of the ChatGPT app for iOS.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the ChatGPT app offers a seamless experience that syncs your conversation history across multiple devices. Additionally, we have integrated Whisper, our open-source speech recognition system, enabling voice input for enhanced accessibility. For those subscribed to ChatGPT Plus, exclusive access to the advanced capabilities of GPT-4, early feature access, and faster response times are now available on iOS.

Discover the Versatility of ChatGPT:

Instant answers: Say goodbye to sifting through advertisements or navigating multiple search results. With ChatGPT, you can receive precise information instantaneously.

Tailored advice: Whether you need guidance on cooking, travel plans, or composing thoughtful messages, ChatGPT is here to assist you.

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Creative inspiration: Unleash your creativity with ChatGPT. Generate gift ideas, outline presentations, or craft the perfect poem with its innovative suggestions.

Professional input: Boost your productivity with ChatGPT's professional features. Receive feedback on your ideas, summarize notes efficiently, and get assistance on technical topics.

Learning opportunities: Explore new languages, delve into modern history, and more at your own pace with ChatGPT's learning capabilities.

The ChatGPT app is initially rolling out in the United States and will soon expand to additional countries in the coming weeks. We eagerly await your feedback as we strive for continuous improvement and safety enhancements for ChatGPT.

With the introduction of the ChatGPT app for iOS, we are taking another significant step towards our mission of transforming cutting-edge research into practical tools that empower individuals, making them increasingly accessible to all.

P.S. Android users, we haven't forgotten about you! ChatGPT will be arriving on your devices very soon. Stay tuned!

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