10 Jobs to Likely Change Because of ChatGPT3

 Which Job Roles Might Change Due to ChatGPT (and How)

Let’s take a deep dive into the roles which are most likely to be affected by ChatGPT and how they might evolve as we look to the future.  


A key element of journalism is summarizing or simplifying complex topics in order to improve the comprehension, readability, and relatability of articles for different audiences. In instances such as these, ChatGPT is an extremely valuable tool for journalists. 

When instructed, the AI technology can summarize or simplify entire academic papers. This function cuts down reading time, provides the building blocks for a new article, and assists in the journalist’s own comprehension. 

ChatGPT’s ability to assist with understanding can also be applied when a journalist is preparing for interviews. For example, the tool can help with the writing of appropriate interview questions without the journalist having to consume the minutiae of a report beforehand. 

Market Research Analyst

Collecting customer data such as user feedback and opinions is an integral part of the market research analyst’s role, and one in which ChatGPT can play a key part. Thanks to its ability to automate the collation of customer responses and views via a chat interface, market researchers can use it to gather crucial learnings about each customer’s experience, behavior, and preferences., Iin doing so, they are saving the market research team a considerable amount of time. These insights can then be used to inform other marketing or business decisions to ensure the needs of users are better met. 


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